GEN 1:22-23


God blessed them saying, 'Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the waters of the seas and let the birds multiply upon the earth'. Evening came and morning came: the fifth day.

The Shining Onesprotected them, saying 'Thrive and become abundant - fill the waters of the reservoir; and let the birds be plentiful on the land'. There was evening and there was morning - a fifth day [stage].

The word is transliterated as beruk, and, in a religious sense, meant 'blessed'; but the associated = rakmeant 'the quality of being tender, weak or soft' - and, alternatively, 'pampered' or 'preserved'. In a secular context, we feel justified in using the translation 'protected' or 'preserved'.

The expression literally meant 'the rainwater in the waters'; this appears to refer back to verse 20, and should indicate the filling of the reservoir.