The Golden Age Project
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Survey Area

  1. Watercourse and Associated Features
  2. Dam and Reservoir in the valley east of Kfar Qouf
  3. Structural Features in and around Kfar Qouq
  4. Springheads, aqueduct fed ponds, and natural lakes
  5. Irrigated Fields, Orchards, and Irrigation Channels
  6. Structural Features in the Wider Area, including Aiha
  7. Quarry Sources for Ancient Stones
  8. Wadi-n-Neirab - Storm Water Overflow
  9. Access Routes from Hermon, Beqaa and Lowlands
  10. Identify sites for taking sediment core samples
  11. Identify recent volcanically active areas.
  12. Features and dating of local agricultural terracing
  13. Residual vegetation and plant remains over area
  14. Evidence of the area being fenced or walled
  15. Temples and cave structures on Mt Hermon

Overhead Images of Survey Areas 1 - 5

Overhead of Great Watercourse. SA 1

Looking East up the Watercourse to the Dam. SA 1

Looking Back to the Dam. SA 1

Siting of the Dam Wall in the Valley below Kfar Qouf. SA 2

Site of Building of Knowledge - Kfar Qouq. SA 3

Circular Features on the High Ground West of Kfar Qouf. SA 3

Springheads, Aqueduct Fed Ponds and Natural Lakes. SA 4

Looking north down into the Basin from Rachaiya. SA 5

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