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Featured and central to this site are the mind stretching books by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien - The Genius of The Few, The Shining Ones and The Path of Light.


We are pleased to announce that The Shining Ones is now back in print.


The Garden of Eden - The most important archaeological discovery of all time -
Being ignored by the Religious, Political and Scientific establishments.


This book includes all the material contained within The Genius of the Few, but adds a great deal more information on the unfolding diaspora of the Shining Ones from the Southern Lebanon site around the world, their advanced technology and their influence over the next 8,000 years.


This starts with the establishment of a further six major settlements by members of the senior council at Jericho, Ba'albek, Ebla, Catal Huyak, Olympus and On, which soon followed their establishment of the Kharsag (Garden of Eden) site. The development of the city states eventually led to the great civilisations in the Mesopotamian plains, Egypt, Iran, India, China and the Americas..



Whilst we unreservedly recommend The Genius of the Few as a starting point and an easy read for all students on the origins of civilisation and agriculture from the ancient texts, The Shining Ones represents a more complex 752 page major compilation of evidence to support the full O'Brien research thesis. A thesis which describes the re-start of civilisation and agriculture following global catastrophe c. 9,300 BC. It includes all the material contained within The Genius of the Few, but adds a great deal more information on the influence and evidence of the technology of The Shining Ones all round the world. It also presents from the historic records, evidence for a spiritual dimension and a spiritual influence.


The Path of Light presents the rediscovery of Jesus’s teachings to his Inner Circle, from the lost Books of the Saviour, bringing together the key links on spirituality and supporting the existence of the one original benevolent source for all religions.


Christian O'Brien's translation of the Askew and Bruce Codices, 2nd century AD Egyptian Coptic copies of original documents recording the spoken words of Jesus of Nazareth, presented within the text of The Path of Light, provide authoritative and detailed support for the existence and journeys of the soul in other dimensions.


Of significance within these texts, are the references that they were recorded and witnessed by the disciple scribes Matthew, Philip and Thomas - the required process of authentification of important documents, under the Hebraic law of that time.


This source document makes it clear that Jesus physically and spiritually survived the crucifixion.


It is now accepted that Philip carried Jesus' teachings to Western Europe, and Thomas took them to India. The earliest known version of the Acts of Thomas in the St Catharine's Monastery library, Sinai, make it clear that Thomas was having regular meetings with Jesus in Northern India, after the crucifixion.


Of the greatest importance to the future of religious harmony today, is that this O'Brien secular translation of these source documents has established that Jesus was teaching Surat (soul) Shabd (word) Yoga (union) to his inner circle of disciples, which contained both men and women. This advanced teaching to both men and women was a feature of all high cultures in the ancient world centered on the archaic Druidic philosophy and practice.


As our research has gathered pace we have been able to add supporting evidence for the O'Brien scholarship from a wide range of authors and other sources.


Upon the Tsurian sea the people live
Who style themselves Phoenicians...
These were the first great founders of the world
Founders of cities and of mighty states
Who showed a path through seas before unknown.
In the first ages, when the sons of men
Knew not which way to turn them, they assigned
To each his first department; they bestowed
Of land a portion and of sea a lot,
And sent each wandering tribe far off to share
A different soil and climate. Hence arose
The great diversity, so plainly seen,
Mid nations widely severed -
Dyonysius of Susiana - A.D. 3


There is a principle which is the bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This is the principle of contempt prior to examination - Archdeacon William Paley, D.D. 1743-1805