Further comments on the content of
The Genius of the Few

Here we have the descriptions in graphic and practical detail of cedar houses and buildings for scientists and livestock. A dam, a reservoir and a fertile alluvial basin, all essential for agriculture, horticulture and livestock production. Irrigation channels and supplies of water to the buildings, fields and orchards within an enclosure. This links with the latest bio-archeological research evidence which suggests that the domestication of eleven founder crops, sheep and goats arrived around the same time centred on the same location.

We also learn about the practical problems of acquiring and administering a labour force to run the whole operation and the problems encountered with local tribes. Modern research on genetics and language provide additional support for the biblical diffusion of farming, culture and people from this area.

Discover the geological and historical reality of the Garden of Eden site, together with its ultimate and much later destruction by a catastrophic storm.

A new understanding unfolds which gives a clearer perspective of the Bible stories and the important written records of other religions. Common links are established which break down our resistance to the diverse interests and beliefs of other people living on our planet who are genetically almost identical.

Christian O'Brien provides a detailed profile and role analysis of the flesh and blood Yahweh Elohim of Exodus. As Yahweh he remains the paramount 'God' of the Hebrew people, as Jehovah, he is still worshipped as the Supreme Deity of the Protestant and Catholic Christian religions, and as Allah he is the High God of the ancient Arabian pantheon and the god of Muhammad ibn Abdallah.

Here we can question the record without fear and draw our own conclusions about the message presented, and perhaps identify the reality of a different and earlier supreme being in Anu, who heads our family tree around 8,000 BC.

The Genius of the Few ends with the chapter Unity of Truth, which links together philosophy and religion from around the world to demonstrate the common threads of origin and the single basic importance of reciprocity. However as a post script to this book, religion as it is commonly practised, would seem to be a relatively recent development, based only loosely on our historical roots.

Read on in The Shining Ones and The Path of Light to find out that the key common spiritual truths stem from the most ancient Gnostic knowledge

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