Understanding the ancient landscape, the heavens, and the dawn of agriculture.

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Sat. and Sun. 19th and 20th April 2008.
Tickets limited to 80 at £35 each. Single day £20.
Booking enquiries 01359 270524.

Available by post from The Estate Office, Rougham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP309LZ. Cheques payable to Rougham Conferences. Please include a S.A.E, for timetable, directions, local accommodation and B&B's, to be forwarded with your ticket.

Two days of lectures, talks, networking, socialising, music. and open forums, together with local field visits on Friday 18th and Monday 21st April.

Leading scientist Peter Taylor will be giving ground-breaking presentations on the Science of Yoga and Climate Change, Past, Present and Future. Yuri Leitch and Hugh Newman will consider the great sophistication of our Druid ancestors and Patrick Taylor will explain his research on the wood henges in this region. Dirk Campbell will demonstrate ancient musical instruments, and together with Carolin Comberti will uncover the mysteries and properties of sound.

Gary Biltcliffe will present the ancient Pelasgi and Etruscan connections with Britain, and introduce his important discoveries in Greece and Italy. Edmund Marriage will feature the origins and spread of agriculture and civilization around the world, from the Sumerian Kharsag in Southern Lebanon and known to us as the Garden of Eden.

Professor Hugh Montgomery will be looking at the Mesopotamian origins and beliefs of the Vikings, and the origins of the great Ulvungar Dynasty, and why they opposed modern Christianity, with much of the evidence coming from the original sources. Dr Thomas Daffern, renowned Philosopher, Druid and International Peacemaker will close the Forum with a retrospective of the conference and offer his “Manifesto for Global Wisdom and Peace in an overcrowded and troubled authoritarian world.

The weekend Forum is being filmed by the Holistic Channel. There will be opportunities for visitors to take part in wide ranging discussions, and also make personal contributions to the new documentary currently being produced entitled Druid.

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All other enquires:-

John Agnew 01359 270796

or Edmund Marriage 01963 251772


Friday 18th April

Science of Yoga
Groundbreaking Lecture by Peter Taylor

Free of Charge - although donations will be welcomed

Peter Taylor holds an honours degree in Natural Sciences and a Diploma in Social Anthropology from Oxford University. He has over 25 years experience as a consultant scientist to environmental NGOs, government departments, agencies, inter-governmental bodies, the European Commission and Parliament and the UN. His range of expertise stretches from pollution and accident risk from nuclear operations, chemical pollution of the oceans and atmosphere, wildland and wildlife ecology and conservation, to renewable energy strategies and climate change. He has sat on several government commissions and research advisory bodies. Peter has been under the tutelage of the Himalayan master Herakhan Baba for 27 years, teaches meditation, dance movement and shamanic arts, as well as working with various healing professions. Booking enquiries 01359 270524.


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