Understanding the ancient landscape, the heavens, and the dawn of agriculture.

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Sat. and Sun. 17th and 18th November 2007.
Tickets limited to 80 at £35 each. Single day £20.
Booking enquiries 01359 270524.

Available by post from The Estate Office, Rougham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP309LZ. Cheques payable to Rougham Conferences. Please include a S.A.E, for timetable, directions, local accommodation and B&B's, to be forwarded with your ticket.

Two days of lectures, talks, networking, socialising, and open forums on the origins of modern man and his development from Cro-Magnon hunter gatherer to a sophisticated being, with remarkable abilities in agriculture, animal husbandry, social organization, astronomy, surveying, mathematics, engineering, building skills, artistic expression, consciousness, self awareness, and a belief in the transmigration of the soul.

Michael Hodges (West Country Historian)
How ancient farmers created calendars to structure their year, using observational astronomy and timing events with festivals.

Edmund Marriage (Independent Researcher)
The discovery of the Garden of Eden site in Southern Lebanon, and the diffusion of farming and civilisation around the world.

Carolin Comberti (Specialist in the use of Sound)
How science has rediscovered the harmonic and geometric energy grid surrounding the planet and ways to interact with cosmic forces, to affect positive changes to the environment and people.

Laurence Main (Archaeologist)
Through his knowledge of the Welsh language will talk about the lost records and knowledge of the Druids and early British history.

Hugh Newman (Earth Mysteries Researcher)
How the ancients used magnetic earth energy currents to enhance seeds, fertility and re-mineralise their food

Jake Ewen (Scientific Researcher)
How the sciences can help us better understand the workings of the universe and our planet.

John Neal (Master of Measurement)
Revealing the sophistication of the archaic world.

Dirk Campbell (Composer and specialist in musical instruments dating back thousands of years)
Demonstration of a number of ancient musical traditions.

Phillip Carr-Gomm (Head of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, one of the largest international Druid groups)
Talks about his key subjects.

All other enquires:-

John Agnew 01359 270796

or Edmund Marriage 01963 251772

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