Friday 14th October 2005, 7.30 pm

The Shining Ones: The Benevolent Source From Whence We Came

Edmund Marriage

An Illustrated Presentation with Colour Slides including:

1. Evidence of a Range of Advanced Technologies

2. The Gods Anu, Enlil and the Lady Ninkharsag Revealed as Real People

3. Their Influence World Wide in Archaic Times

4. Geological proof of an island the size of Spain on the Mid Atlantic Ridge and its Catastrophic End

5. Sumerian Hymn to our ancestor Gods.

Independent Researcher and founder of the Golden Age Project, Edmund expands on Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien's ground breaking research and translation of ancient documents from The Genius of the Few and The Shining Ones. Our ancestor gods were benevolent technically advanced people, who re-started agriculture and civilisation c. 8,900 BC, after global catastrophe. Drawing on a wide scholarship and science, the progress of mankind is tracked from the end of the Ice Age to the towns, which existed before 6,000 BC, Fertile Crescent agriculture, and the world trade of the early Sumerian City States.


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Admission: £3

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