The Digby Church Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne (opposite Sherborne Abbey), Dorset

Monday 29th October - 7.30pm
Admission £4, inc. biscuits, tea and coffee

Jesus and the Garden of Eden
The evidence based story of British Christianity

Edmund Marriage

An Illustrated Presentation with Colour Slides:

The many branches of Christianity, which have evolved since Jesus’ mission in Palestine, do not receive support from other important religious groupings on a number of fundamental issues of religious belief and practice. Conflicts continue to cause concern - Islam insists that neither Jesus nor Mohammed brought a new religion. Both sought to call people back to what might be called, the Abrahamic faith. This fact is supported by religious historians.

Edmund Marriage provides the accumulated evidence of the diffusion of agriculture and forced migrations of people from the Near East from as early as 9,500 BC. This developed as a two way process of trade and contact between the British Isles and the Mediterranean world. Run under the divine laws of a single god An, through kings and advisors to kings, this superb system of social organization based on the city states, was described by Confucius as the Great Harmony or Tao, and by ancient classical writers as the Golden Age.

In studying the history of Jesus’ mission in Palestine and the British Church, we find that the ancient Druidic high culture, which could be described as the Abrahamic faith, had survived almost intact with the descendents of the Indo-European farming peoples, who entered the British Isles from around 4,000 BC, led by the teachers and craftsmen of the God An.

Edmund discusses Philip Blair’s God’s Credentials, and other new evidence, which destroys the principle arguments made by Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion. We are shown the Google images of the actual Garden of Eden site in Southern Lebanon, and the texts, where Jesus states his knowledge of the Garden, and Enoch describes all that is going on. The origins of our British Christian story is further confirmed by the Kharsag (head enclosure) Sumerian cuneiform texts, translated and published by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien in the Genius of the Few. Our early British religious history cantering on Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury, is well supported by the most prominent Vatican historians.


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