Bogan House Costume Museum
(Opposite Market Square, High Street, Totnes, Devon)

Sunday 20th May 2007 at 7.30pm
£4 on door, £3 concessions, including Refreshments

Can we find Druidic Philosophy at the Foundation of Human Civilisation ?

Edmund Marriage

An Illustrated Presentation with Colour Slides:

Edmund, founder of The Golden Age Project, is returning to expand on Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien's ground breaking research and translation of ancient documents from The Megalithic Odyssey, The Genius of the Few and The Shining Ones. The Lady Ninkharsag, Earth Mother, Serpent (Wise) Lady and Goddess of Irrigation, led the technological skills, which produced the wide range of domesticated crops and animals at Kharsag (Sumerian head enclosure or Eden) in Southern Lebanon. Our ancestor gods were benevolent, technically advanced, people, who re-started agriculture and civilisation c. 9,300 BC, following the global catastrophe, which featured the highest levels of mass extinctions for 3.5 million years.

Edmund will bring us up to date following the discovery on Google earth images last November of the physical evidence of Kharsag on the ground north of Mt Hermon, and the plans for archaeological and environmental research on site. We will study the satellite images, which show the great overflow watercourse and other key features. He takes us through the Sumerian texts, which describe the practical down to earth problems faced by the en-ge-li (Lords of the Cultivation or Angels. The progress of agriculture is traced from this source around the world, demonstrating the extraordinary skills and knowledge deployed in making the most of the world's natural resources, in harmony with nature, together with the superb social organisation of the city state role society. Respect for this high culture survived around the world, but the serpent knowledge, dissipated over time and distance from its source, was finally diminished by religions selectively drawing on earlier culture, superstition, and desire for human controls and land. Edmund will highlight the many clues linking the Druidic philosophy and way of doing things, back to the original Kharsag group, featuring the essential freewill and equality of men and women, with good laws, administered under a trained monarch, free from dogma and corruption.


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