The Genius of the Few - 1984

Elohim = Shining Ones = Annanage

The singular - EL - is a very ancient word with a long, etymological history; and a common origin with many other ancient words in other languages, all with a common significant meaning. The Sumerian EL meant 'brightness' or 'shining'; the Akkadian ILU meant 'the bright one'; the Babylonian ELLU meant 'the shining one'; the Old Welsh ELLYL meant 'a shining being'; the Old Irish AILLIL meant 'shining'; the English ELF means 'a shining being' - from the Anglo-Saxon AELF; the Old Cornish EL meant 'an angel'.
All these terms indicate SHINING or BRIGHTNESS; and, consequently, it is our thesis that the Hebrew EL needs to be translated, in the first place, not as 'God" but as THE SHINING ONE. And the plural ELOHIM, a contraction of HA ELOHIM, responsible for so much activity in the early part of Genesis, requires translation as THE SHINING ONES. If we apply this translation, the four quintessential quotations become:
In the Beginning, the Shining Ones created the heavens and the earth:

The Shining Ones said, "Let us make man in our image, in the likeness of ourselves. . :"

Yahweh (The Leader of) the Shining Ones planted a Garden in Eden which is in the east. .

'Enoch walked with the Shining Ones. Then he disappeared because the Shining Ones took him away