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The Wandlebury Enigma Solved? - Line A Loxodrome
Sunday Telegraph Magaziine - March 1978

[A Loxodrome is a line on the earths surface making a constant angle with the meridian, the construction of which requires knowledge of the earth's dimensions, thus forming the basis for Meridian Astronomy. This includes all observations made for the purposes of time determination, and most of the positional observations made visually - both of fundamental importance to astronomers.] - Golden Age Project comment

Was Britain’s great megalithic heritage an accident, or legacy from an intelligent and superior race who visited these shores 5,000 years ago? No indigenous culture was capable of building sites like Wandlebury, says Tim O’Brien, who believes he has new evidence which will rewrite history. DAVID HOPPIT donned stout walking shoes and went with O’Brien in search of the proof.

Tim and Joy O'Brien at Wandlebury - they conclude that whoever built the site knew, 5000 years ago, that the Earth was round.
Who Built the Megalithic Structures?

O'Brien is certain there was no indigenous culture in Britain nearly 5000 years ago capable of building Stonehenge, Avebury, and other monuments. So who did build them?