Panorama 1 - from the road between Aiha and Kfar Qouq facing north looking down on to the Southern Basin. Kfar Qouq is to the left of the picture, at this avantage point the watercourse is over 1 mile - 1.6 km away.

Panorama 2 - just below The Great House facing south with Mt Hermon in the distance looking down on to the Southern Basin. Well Two is visable bottom middle of picture whilst the Wadi en Neirab is to the right side of shot.

Panorama 3, 4, 5 - are courtesy of local people showing the Southern Basin December 2005

Local Knowledge

Conversation with local elders has confirmed that the lake water was up to 10 meters deep and started to disappeared early 2005. What we can now state is that the Google Satellite image is dated mid to late 2006 - and clearly shows the water receeding in the Southern basin.