Dam Area

Christian O'Brien in the Genius of the Few provides the evidence that a dam was constructed and reservoir formed in the narrow valley east of Kfar Qouq, and that an overflow watercourse was built along the north bank of the south basin to take surplus water into the Wadi en Neirab.

This would have provided irrigation in what would in consequence have been a large, dry, fertile and level area for livestock, crops and orchards in a former lake-bed. The Sumerian cuneiform records that the dam and watercourse were destroyed by a 1,000 year storm. This event is dated to c. 6,200 BC from linked evidence.

Local Knowledge

Unfortunately we where unable to extensively photograph this area because of it's proximity to government armed forces installations, but a very early morning visit just after sunrise kept us under the radar and allowed 10 minutes before we headed for the airport.